ISP Optics manufactures and designs in house, a full spectrum of IR coatings, from Protective coating on KBr to Extreme High Durability AR Coatings on Silicon. The Coating Department utilizes four large semi- and fully automated coating chambers to manufacture standard and custom design coatings.  All coating chambers are equipped with Ion assisted electron beam technology such as HCN. Excellent repeatability and reliability is based on our continuous efforts to improve quality and delivery. With the new investments in automation technology,  ISP Optics is able to successfully handle high volume coating production without dedicated supervision.The maximum size of optics for coating is 26” diameter. All our high performance Infrared coatings are thorium free and low stress.
Our standard IR coatings comply with the following requirements:
24 hr Humidity (C.3.8.2 per MIL-PRF-13830B)
Adhesion (C.3.8.5 per MIL-PRF-13830B)
Moderate abrasion (C. per MIL-PRF-13830B)
Temperature cycling ( per MIL-F-48616)
Cleanability and solubility ( per MIL-F-48616)

Coating Types

IR Anti-Reflection Coatings
ISP Optics offers five standard types of IR Antireflection Coatings for different IR materials: broad band coatings (BBAR), narrow band coatings (NBAR), dual band coatings (DB) and tri band coatings (TRB).

IR Beamsplitter Coatings
ISP Optics offers high performance beamsplitter coatings,
with 50% of the incident beam transmitted and 50% reflected.

IR Protective Coatings
ISP Optics offers three standard types of protective coatings: high durability coating (HD), DLC and humidity protections coatings(PRH).

IR Reflective Coatings
ISP Optics offers gold, silver and aluminum high performance coatings for front and rear mirror surfaces.


ISP manufactures a full range of coating services in house.  

  • High Efficiency Antireflection from single to multi bands
  • High Durability Antireflection from single to multi bands
  • Low absorption antireflection coating
  • Beam splitter / Beam combiner from single band to broad bands
  • Custom dichroic beam splitter
  • Polarizer, Non-polarizer and phase retarder.
  • Filters ( Long pass and Short pass filter, Band pass filter and ND filter and etc.)
  • Metallic mirror coating (Gold, Silver, Aluminum and exotic metal and alloys)
  • Dielectric reflector (high reflector and partial reflector)
  • Metallization on various substrates
  • Moisture protective coating on hygroscopic materials (KBr and KRS etc.)

Barium Fluoride Coated Lense


ISP OPTICS utilizes five optical coating systems from a semi-automatic Balzer 760 to a fully automated optical coating system and DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating chamber. We primarily focus on ion assisted E-beam deposition technology which is still the most widely used and reliable technology in the infrared optical coating industry. Our 36"-48" inch box coaters have provided excellent batch to batch repeatability producing consistent infrared coating results. 

ISP OPTICS can test film durability per US Mil-specifications in house and offers adhesion, abrasion and humidity tests for every order, in addition to temperature cycling and salt fog test offered optionally.


ISP OPTICS has capability of spectral measurement for 193nm-25µm at any polarization angles of incidence with the followings instruments.

  Perkin Elmer Spectrum 100 FTIR 

  Perkin Elmer 983 Infrared spectrophotometer

  Perkin Elmer Lambda 950 UV/VIS/NIR spectrophotometer

  Three spectrophotometers line up in coating engineering room

Quality Assurance

ISP OPTICS has long been committed to provide our customers with the highest quality coating services and on-time delivery. Inside the MIL SPEC inspection booth, coated optical elements are carefully inspected with a scratch-dig standard. Concurrently a witness sample from the same coating run is subjected to environmental testing, as standard procedure. An engineer verifies coating performance with a spectral measurement. A QA engineer then reviews all results to ensure full compliance with the customer's specifications.

Optics Inspection booth manufactured per US MIL specification

Final inspection of coated ZnSe window

Scratch-Dig standard measurement tool

ZnSe windows loading into fixture for coating service