ISP Optics offers “build-to-print” services for opto-mechanical assemblies that integrate optical components into sub-assemblies.
•ISP Optics delivers  prototypes (Proof-of-Concept), low-volume and  high-volume OEM quantities.
•ISP Optics can handle any level of design: from simple assemblies  to multi element, tight tolerences, complex  assemblies.
•Our experience and understanding of materials, manufacturing  and coating, along with qualified metal vendors, offers advantages in meeting customer expectations and consistently manufacture high quality products.
•ISP Optics is a single source to vertically integrate build-to-print optics into mechanical assemblies.
  • Vacuum cup optical handling for quick and clean assembly
  • Glue desiccation to assure adhesive consistency
  • Chemical selection for the right application
  • Precision optical gluing that secures elements neatly into their housings
  • Opto-mechanical assembly of almost every size and shape with ease
  • PCB programming for multiple and continuous FOV systems