ISP Optics, over more than 20 years of IR lens manufacturing, has built an inventory of over 2500 test plates. Our test plates inventory file indicates the diameter, radius of curvature, the shape of the test plate (1-cx, -1-cc,) and if the test plate went through a recent certification process. The list of the test plates is a valuable tool for optical designers, in order to eliminate additional costs and delivery time in lens manufacturing. For more information about ISP Optics Test Plates collection, please call us at 1-914-591-3070 or contact by email.

Definition: "Test plate" represents the standard surface shape of the lens. The quality of the lenses installed in optical devices such as cameras, telescopes and microscopes has a major effect on performance. High-precision test plates are vital for achieving top-class optical performance.
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*65.278 - discontinued