ISP Optics offers three standard types of protective coatings: high durability coating (HD), DLC and humidity protections coatings(PRH).

ISP Optics “Xtreme High Durability BBAR” protective coating provides high efficiency, non-radioactive antireflection with excellent durability characteristics for the MWIR 3 – 5 µm region. Designs are available for deposition onto a variety of IR optical materials including: Ge, Si, ZnS, ZnSe and CaF2.High durability (HD) coatings are applied to optical surfaces which are exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Xtreme Hi-Dur BBAR coatings withstand humidity, salt fog, and severe abrasion and are an alternative to DLC in situations where passing the windshield test is not required.

Hydrogenated diamond-like coatings (DLC) are used when the environmental conditions are considered harsh. It provides the toughest coating surface available in optics.

Our humidity protection high performance coatings (PRH) shield the KBr and NaCl optical elements from absorption caused by humidity or water.


PART NUMBER           DESCRIPTION                                                      
HD-GE-3-5 High Durability AR Coating for 3-5 μm  
HD-SI-3-5 High Durability AR Coating for 3-5 μm  
HD-AR-GE-8-12 High Durability AR Coating for 8-12 μm  
HD-AR-ZNSE-8-12 High Durability AR Coating for 8-12 μm  
DLC-AR-GE-8-12 DLC AR Coating for 8-12 μm  
DLC-AR-SI-3-5 DLC AR Coating for 3-5 μm  
DLC-AR-IG6-8-12 DLC AR Coating 8-12 µm  
DLC-AR-ZnS-8-12 DLC AR Coating 8-12 µm  
PRH-KBR-0.5-20 Humidity Protective Coating for 0.5-20 μm  
PRH-NACl-0.5-15 Humidity Protection Coating for 0.5-15 μm  
HYDLC-AR-Ge-8-12 Hybrid DLC Coating for 8- 12 µm  
HYDLC-AR-Si 3-5 Hybrid DLC Coating for 3 - 5 µm